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India Pilot Project: January - June 2012 | Launch: Fall 2012

Event (NYC): Artisan Demos

ASIA SOCIETY NYC, February 16-17, 12:30 - 4:00 pm
Block printing by Deepak Kumar Chhipa and Zardozi embroidery by Mohammad Shamim
Block printing uses traditional Mughal motifs of flowering vines that are carved into wooden blocks, so that the pattern protrudes from the wooden block, they are then coated with ink, and pressed firmly onto cloth, originally used to create costumes for the crown.
Zardozi is imperial metallic embroidery. It has its own relevance in history as the costume of royalty. Zardozi embroidery is rich with intricately woven patterns in gold and silver studded with seed pearls and precious stones enhanced the shimmering beauty of silk, velvet and brocade.
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